I believe in unique and novelty. Each person has their own knowledge and experience to bring to the table to help solve their issue or bring their idea to reality.

Most large firms don’t think this way. They prefer to stifle uniqueness and settle for the same old same old. Most firms practice law happy with the status quo and justifying large billable hours. I am fundamentally opposed to the status quo and challenge mediocrity and high fees. I detest hourly billing rates, which only value the time spent on your matter, not you the individual.

I relish in incredibly ambitious goals that energizes you. When somebody tells me that something can’t be done, or that it has never been done before, it lights a fire under me since I love novelty and uniqueness. Difficult problems do not scare me, they inspire me. I love answering the question of ‘how’ something can be done. I love clients with entrepreneurial ideas. They are the essence of The American Dream, but need help on how to get started. If you need to sue or are being sued, my favorite court cases have been clients with extraordinary court cases that no other attorney’s were willing to take due to either the novelty of the area of law, or to much time the case would take resulting in not enough revenue for the firm. Rather then turn your case down to satisfy my bottom line, I prefer alternative value based fee arrangements that make sense to you.

At the end of the day I am a problem solver. As an experienced attorney with a varied background, I've been able to develop an in-depth knowledge of the law, the practice of law and how to effectively and efficiently apply the law and its concepts to achieve goals. I am passionate about educating my clients along their journey regarding real estate investments, employment situations and business organization. I enjoy easing my clients concerns in criminal matters and taking it one step at a time. I take pride in providing more value to customers. I fundamentally believe in thinking differently, challenging the status quo when needed, and treating you like part of the solution, not the problem. 

I do this by not being afraid to talk directly to you and listen to you, your fears and concerns. I fight hard for you. I hold onto the fact that we as lawyers provide services as problem solvers. I believe that you should get the results you expect in the manner you deserve. By treating you like a colleague with a more personalized connection and involvement with your matter, because you and your problem or dream are unique.

If you want a lawyer who will fight for you, challenge the system, does not shy away from novelty, and will treat you with the respect you earned, and has been voted by my peers as a Super Lawyer, then talk to me.

I fight hard to help get the compensation and closure you deserve with the personal touch you expect and earned at reasonable value based costs. Most legal matters can create financial security issues or concerns. Big ideas, big deals and big goals need guidance.  I work with you and fight hard for you to resolve your concerns and manage your security and issues.

In Real Estate matters I offer a turn key solution most can't offer. I am both an Attorney and Broker. If you are looking for high-quality, professionally managed, cash-flowing real estate call me. My goal is to help you find your highest possible return, through well placed analyzed multifamily investments, in well-located neighborhoods, priced for you, the everyday hard working American 

We perform in-depth market and property analysis, along side comprehensive due diligence, with multiple professionals to provide checks and balances, and look for only cash-flowing properties with equity. We do this to provide you with best possible value for your ROI investment. We surround ourselves with the best professionals with high integrity and reputations - investors, lenders, agents, CPA's, General Contractors, and Property Managers. We look to work with the best people to help facilitate all your needs no matter what stage of your investment needs you are in.

Our strategy is to first analyze our clients goals (short, middle, long, and retirement), as well as, their current financial situation and business structure. We then start with the foundation, our clients business entity and tax planning with professional CPA's. We then work with your CPA to unlock other avenues of funding such as Self Directed 401ks to free up stagnet money.  We then move on to working with professional real estate agents who specialize in multi-family investment properties. We look for conservative yet under-performing multifamily properties that permit our clients to enter at lower points that add value immediately when you make your offer. We strongly believe that you make your profit when you buy. We work with highly regarded property managers with reputations of maintaining high occupancy rates and profitability and better systemized operations.

Others firms like to specialize in one particular area of law. I prefer to be a general attorney. I have many passions and interest and a deep knowledge of the law that expands locking myself into only one small segment of the law. I am licensed and have practiced law in multiple jurisdictions (CA, MI, WA, and soon OR). In addition I am a licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker.

If you have a real estate investment idea or deal, I am here every step of the way for you from locating that great property, finding funding and surrounding yourself with a knowledgeable real estate professional team.

If you have been terminated from your job and are lost on your options I will fight for you in court. Your big company attorneys don’t scare me.

Are you an entrepreneur trying to live the American dream of self-efficiency and creating jobs? I can help advise you in how to incorporate, manage and grow your business while staying within legal regulations.

I pride myself on solving problems and achieving results. When I lockinto a client, you can’t get me away because I commit to you and your issue thoroughly. You shake my hand, that is for life.
Being a lawyer is not just a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to the community. 
Janet Reno