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We are proud to be introducing our all new legal strategy that will revolutionize strategic estate planning.

This is a new planning tool that was created by the collective brilliant minds of The Asset Protection Council.

Asset Protection has become standard planning for HNW families concerned about their increasing risk of our legal system. However, these HNW families have access to sophisticated tools like LLCs, LPs, Holding Companies and Asset Protection Trusts. Of all these tools, the Asset Protection Trust has proven decade after decade to be the most powerful and effective tool of all of the tools.

Asset Protection Trusts can be done in several different ways. From completely offshore, to fully domestic. There are pros and cons of both.

Offshore trusts have proven to be incredibly strong, but come at steep costs, along with significant compliance and annual reporting requirements to the IRS.

Domestic trusts are less expensive and avoid the offshore filing requirements, but unfortunately have proven to be much less reliable.

For many of my clients, the best option is an Asset Protection Trust that combines the strength of offshore with the simplicity of a domestic trust. This trust is called the Bridge Trust. And has become a very strong and popular planning tool for clients with OVER $1 MM net worth in assets to protect. It has the simplicity of a domestic trust, with the protection of a fully offshore Asset Protection Trust.

BUT, what about families with less than $ 1 MM in assets? Aren’t they also concerned about the legal system, lawsuits, and taxes on their wealth?

In fact, for a family with less than $1 MM in net worth, a lawsuit can be even more devastating. The expense alone of defending a lawsuit can eat away and wipe out a significant portion of or all of that personal wealth.

Now there is a Solution!

The Solution is the Quantum Living Trust (QLT)

For about the cost of a Traditional Living Trust, and an annual registration fee, you can now access the QLT.

Designed to both plan your estate and protect your assets, the QLT:

  • Was designed specifically for clients with LESS than $1 MM in total assets.
  • Much like its Big Brother, the Bridge Trust, the QLT is a discretionary Irrevocable Trust with very strong creditor protection in the form of Spendthrift Provisions.
  • However, unlike a stander Revocable Living Trust, a QLT is connected as a “Sub Trust” to the Primary Foreign Quantum Trust which is a FULL Offshore Asset Protection Trust.

In the event that there is a threat to ANY Sub Trust, the primary trust has the authority to spring into action and take whatever steps are necessary and appropriate to protect the assets of your Quantum Sub Trust. This may include:

  • Changing the Jurisdiction of the Sub Trust,
  • Replacing the Trustees, and even
  • Decanting / moving the trust to being fully Offshore.

However, as long as the waters are clam, and you have no threats to the assets in your Quantum Trust, you remain the trustee and in control of  your QLT directly. Your QLT can also include your full estate plan while maximizing Federal and State Tax exemptions.

In today’s uncertain legal, economical, and political environment just having a traditional estate plan is not enough. Protecting what you have worked so hard to accomplish just makes sense. It is more important than ever to have effective protection. Effective protection does not need to be reserved solely for the HNW families.


The QLT costs $8,200

The AMLP Costs $6,000

Total Costs of the QLT + AMLP is $14,200

Later on down the line when it is necessary, we will replace the (QLT) with its Big Brother “The Bridge Trust” when you qualify for it and hit $1 MM in protectable net worth. We will credit the FULL (QLT) fee of ($8,200) towards the Bridge Trust when that time comes.

To see if the Quantum Living Trust (QLT) is right for you feel free to contact us for a free consultation.