Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Comprehensive Asset Protection Plans

Protect your Assets from Creditors and Lawsuits

Welcome to Bradley Legal Corp., where we specialize in crafting specialized Asset Protection Plans tailored to meet the high-risk professionals needs. Our team of experienced Asset Protection Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and CPAs possess the expertise to develop personalized asset protection plans aimed at safeguarding your wealth and assets.

At Bradley Legal Corp., we understand the importance of protecting your financial security, which is why our Asset Protection Planning is meticulously designed by our skilled Asset Protection Attorney experts. We are commitment to protecting your assets.

Why does Asset Protection work?

Asset Protection works by implementing legal safeguards and strategic measures, that eliminates the financial incentives that might otherwise drive individuals and their legal representatives to pursue legal action against you. Let us help you secure your assets and financial future with our proven Asset Protection services.

Who We Are

At Bradley Legal Corp, our primary objective is to offer you a sense of Peace of Mind and the freedom of a stress-free life. We strive to provide you with the tranquility that arises from the assurance that your finances, assets, and real estate investments are secure. Achieving this entails the implementation of top-tier Hybrid Asset Protection Bridge Trust that is supported by a robust 30 years of case law to ensure the proper protection of your assets.

Renowned for our ability to deliver unparalleled financial peace of mind, our team excels in safeguarding your financial well-being so that you can enjoy restful nights secure in the knowledge that your assets are shielded in the strongest jurisdiction.

Through the layered use of proven entities like LLCs, LPs, and our robust Hybrid Asset Protection Bridge Trust, we offer a level of security that empowers you to face an uncertain future with confidence.

Rest assured that with Bradley Legal Corp, your Asset Protection Plan remains steadfast and unwavering amidst changing times. We accomplish this by combining the power of the famous Cook Islands Offshore Asset Protection Trust with the ease and simplicity of a Domestic Asset Protection Trust. 

What We Do

Our approach to asset protection planning emphasizes a crucial distinction: its primary aim is not to conceal personal or business assets, nor is it intended to evade tax obligations to the U.S. Government.

Instead, our focus is on legally shielding assets from potential threats posed by creditors, claims, and lawsuits. By prioritizing asset protection in this manner, we empower our clients to protect their hard-earned wealth and assets from both internal and external challenges and legal risks.

How We Do It

Our strategic approach involves legally safeguarding vulnerable assets, including your personal residence, real estate investments, stocks, cryptocurrencies, business interests, and other valuable holdings.

Through the implementation of a well-rounded asset protection plan, we create a strong defense to shield these assets effectively. This typically involves leveraging a blend of layers including legal entities such as LLCs, an Asset Management Limited Partnership ™ (AMLP), and a meticulously designed Offshore Cook Island Asset Protection Bridge Trust ®.

Together, these tools provide a robust protective barrier around your assets, ensuring they remain secure and beyond the reach of aggressive creditors. Our strategic use of these asset protection tools helps minimize your exposure to potential predatory legal challenges, safeguarding your wealth and financial stability..


Real Estate Investors

Real Estate is just different. Why are real estate investment properties the hardest to protect? How do you protect real estate investments? It is a physical object that cannot be moved. Now this does not mean that your rental properties are not protectable. In fact the opposite is true. Real Estate is very protectable. You have to take different steps and use different strategies to protect real estate investments.

Medical Doctors

Doctors have a very real threat of out-of-control lawsuits and ridiculously high jury awards. Medical malpractice litigation alone is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Yet a doctors total risk profile goes beyond just medical malpractice.
Health care professionals:
  • You are in a high net-worth, and high liability profession
  • You have high visibility, traceability, and or collectability
  • Your position as an Employer with Employees are becoming a huge issue
  • Your ownership in a business and liability generating assets
  • Your investing in liability generating assets such as real estate Investment Properties
  • Your have children and their activities (especially driving)
  • Your serve on foundations or boards


Entrepreneurs and Business Owners love taking risks, but you should not be taking preventable risks to wealth. Be proactive and learn more about how an Asset Protection Plan can help limit your personal liability, protect your retirement, and give you peace of mind and less stress.

Peace Of Mind In Uncertain Times


Medical Doctors

Real Estate Investors

Cryptocurrency Investors


Asset Protection Bridge Trust


Brian goes above and beyond what is considered excellent service!. I can not recommend him highly enough, he was diligent and provided me with alternative solutions and excellent networking opportunities

Jared, Founder of Fortuna Solutions
Brian has a very unique skill set in the world of law, especially when it comes to business planning, estate planning and asset preservation. He is relentless in his pursuit of finding powerful and custom tailored solutions for each client he serves.”

Joshua Saunders


Brian goes above and beyond what is considered excellent service!. I can not recommend him highly enough, he was diligent and provided me with alternative solutions and excellent networking opportunities

Jared, Founder of Fortuna Solutions


We are a concierge law firm offering high end client services with very strong asset protection trusts. We accomplish this by setting up the best comprehensive Asset Protection Strategies and team’s with the strongest supporting case law, in the strongest jurisdictions.


Each Integrated Asset Protection Plan is customized to our client’s needs. Our network of Affiliate Law Firms, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and CPA’s are uniquely qualified to craft an asset protection strategy tailored to your specific needs.


Brian is a leading educator and nationally recognized Asset Protection Attorney. He has presented at Multi-Family Global Summit 2020, been a featured guest on many top shows such as Entrepreneur Network


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.